Asim Khan

United Arab Emirates

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Asim Khan is a digital professional with web and mobile development experience. He is also expert in 3d modeling and motion graphics. He is certified digital marketer with google adwords, hubspot academy and squared online.

He is working as interactive developer for a digital marketing agency in Dubai. He follow innovation and future technology trends. With years of digital development, he want become digital guru. He also earned certification in project management and DoubleClick.

He worked on responsive and html5 websites, 3D, video animation, augmented reality, digital signage, flash games and mobile development. He work with global brands like McDonalds, Nestle, LUX, GM, IHG, and Standard Chartered Bank etc.

If you are working on digital media campaigns or websites or videos, he can support you with years of experience in digital. It can be also Wordpress bug fixes or designing the responsive template. Digital media banners campaigns or apps… he will grow your audience with rich media experience. Follow up at Twitter and Linkedin.

  • Education
    • Digital Marketing Squared Online