Mathnasium Redding

Mathnasium Of Redding1619 Hilltop DrRedding, CA 96002, United States(530) you receive report cards and wilt at the site of your kid’s math grades? Is your college-bound teen needing SAT prep? Have you thought about enrolling them for extra math help after school? Well, look no further than Mathnasium of Redding, CA!The MathnasiumMethodhere is used at over 500 tutoring centers across the U.S. and Canada and has overhauled math teaching and student comprehension. Using the unique Mathnasium assessment, specially trained math tutors can pinpoint where your child needs the most help and provide individualized explanation and support.The key to their success: the Mathnasium Methodis designed to be kid-friendly and reach out to them in the way that many textbooks and standardized methods can’t.What’s more, these dedicated instructors won’t relent until your child has mastered what’s stumping them. Retention is measured with progress reports that perpetually quantify your child’s progress and attitude, and teaching methods are adjusted based on the results. Stop arguing with your son’s disdain for algebra or your daughter’s discouragement in trigonometry. This neighborhood math-only learning center will have them loving math and improving their attitude and grades in no time. They may even have fun doing it! Make math make sense by visiting Mathnasium of Redding, CA, located in the Hilltop Mall shopping center. For more information, or to get your child a free assessment, visit theirwebsite or call (530) 768-1089!