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Asit Shukla


Professional ....

Hi this is Asit Shukla
I come from SavarKundala-a lil village of Saurashtra, Later on I shifted to Bhavanagar for my higher studies. And Now, Delhi-the heart of India.
Right now I am pursuing M.Tech at School of Engineering & Technology , Sharda University. With specialization of Production & Industrial Engineering. I have completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College - Bhavnagar. I am Certified Business Manager from well reputed institute IIT - Delhi.
I have 2 years of Experience of Managing and Executing a coaching class as I was having my own coaching class at Bhavnagar. Apart of that I am a columnist for last 1 year. Used to write on current affairs in a Gujarati magazine publishing from Ahmedabad named as GuruLakshya.


What can I say about my self?
Well , I am the person who keeps changing every time, so I am not the same Asit now which I was in the starting of this about me)
I see life as continuous learning experience

Do mistakes often , some time I can cure, some time I can't
no matter what the world thinks about me , cause world can't think every thing from my sight ... and I can't see by them too .... may be the world could be right .... I might be too .... but a thing to be noticed is that that this world , this society has not come before me... proud of my self

else a normal guy of age 22. quite talkative and quite thoughtful :)

होने होने दे नशा, खोने खोने को है क्या ??
इक सांस में पी जा ज़रा ज़िन्दगी चडा
है ये तो एक जश्न तू थिरकने दे कदम
अभी साँसों में है दम अभी चलने दे सितम
(रंग दे बसंती , प्रसून जोशी)

દર્દ ને રોયા કરું , ગયા વિના
ઝીંદગી ને માણ્યાં કરું , ખોયા વિના

  • Work
    • Bhavanagar
  • Education
    • Govt Engg Coll - Bhavanagar
    • IIT - Delhi
    • Sharada University