Asit Sapara

On the way to being a DEXTER...!!

M honest, stubborn, much sensitive, little bit introvert....

bt my closest says : As d time going on, u become d most likable person..!!

Generally, late in all work (Sometimes I become toooo lazy (even more then sloth...Lol)).... bt.. believe in Perfection & hate compromises....!!!

Close Friends : Quotes, Some Movie scenes, Sleepless Nights.

Things without I can't live : My Laptop, Internet, Android, Facebook & Galaxy S III.

Nw a days, Experiencing a new phase of life : Being a "Day-Light Dreamer". Thanks to Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg.

Generally, m afraid of watching dreams during night coz I dnt know y bt 90% of them r nightmares.

My Father says : I m Unpredictable & Complicated Person....!!

Finally, m just a common man wich i never lyk 2 be...!!

  • Education
    • B.E. (Computer Science)