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Heya, welcome to my page!

A Few Facts: I love reading, writing (teen fiction and humor), drawing (fashion design & cartoons), knitting, graphic design, quoting, helping others, giving advice, volunteering (shelters, schools, libraries), working with children and reading huge books (mostly History).

Book Obsession: Some of my favorite authors (in no particular order, but not limited to) include: Sara Shepard (before her books became famous), Barbara Kingsolver, Barbara Park, Cecily Von Ziegesar, Kate Brian, Meg Cabot, Stephanie Meyer(before her books became famous), Pamela Sargent, Melanie Benjamin, James Patterson, Nancy Farmer and so very much more. I read a lot, no joke.

Life Goals: I love working with children and would one day like to have bio, foster and adoptive children. I believe that every child, no matter what age or struggle, deserves love and a forever family. Whether they are just in or aging out of the system, I'd like to be there.

Future Goals: I'd also like to open up some shelters for the lost, let down and confused in the far future. I'm huge on volunteering and giving out what I can, to help others and I believe that I was born to be a giver and a helper.

Key Notes: I'm fiery, attitudal, super emotional at times, but my closest family and friends love me regardless.

I'm the sole creator of:

* thebestfriendsclub.tumblr

* thebestfriendsadviceclub.tumblr

* mybestiesecrets.tumblr

* confessionsofanolddisneyfan.tumblr

* blackgirlquotes.tumblr

And co-creator of:

* ldr-tipsadviceandsupport.tumblr.com

Peace, love and cookies ya'll!

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