Asjed Hussain

Born in the USA to immigrant Pakistani parents, Asjed "Azi" Hussain has grown up wedged between two cultures, as evidenced by his ethnic name and his westernized nickname. He claims his upbringing has made him open-minded, but in actuality it has made him more eccentric than any other qualities he may boast of.

In high school, Azi co-founded The Life Society, an after-school club dedicated to humanitarian and social work. Its members participated in activities such as soup kitchens, river clean-ups, and fundraisers to name a few. And so began Azi's involvement with social justice, a journey that eventually took him to Georgetown University.

Attracted to Georgetown's spirit of service and international perspective, Asjed found a myriad of relevant opportunities to get involved with, among them One World Youth Project (OWYP). OWYP's global vision and interactive program fulfilled Azi's notion of a truly great service project, and Azi has stayed on ever since. Initially a Project Ambassador for OWYP during his freshmen year, Azi is now a Project Manager Fellow.

Besides OWYP, Azi is involved with a few other things around campus, such as student government, a research assistantship, a student think tank, and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He also likes turtles.