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what is "". Ask a question about turkey.. Question?? okay, like what?

Are you lost?
You need a direction?
Do you know how you can travel more cheaper in Turkey?
Are you looking for any advice about nice hotels, tours, night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, beaches, pools ..etc ?
Or are you looking for a place with cheap prices? or touristic places? or luxurious places? famous places? historical places?
Need any advice about anything?
What is the local food for this region? not expensive and good quality !! any advice ??
Which place should i go to eat a fish in this region?
How can i find a cheap internet connection in this country ?
You are in trouble?
You need to call police?
Any other urgent situations, need help?
You need to go to hospital?
Are you looking for pharmacy?
What about cheap tickets?
Historical places, nice places around yourlocation?
Damn !! Somone distrubs you and you dont know how getrid of him/her?
You need to know about best place to exchange your money?
Someone wants to charge you a lot in cafe, bar, or in a taxi?

Questions about anything for Turkey !!
Any question about anything just ask!! And then get quick reply from us.. Save your money and time with our replies !!
it is all free !!

we are always with you in this country !!
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