Ask alayna

Hello, I'm Alayna Christie You may call me that 'recruiter chick", "kiddo" or variation of what my clients used to call me when I started recruiting in the the male dominated IT industry over 15 years ago. I wince at the term "bird" though unless of course, that come delivered with an expensive glass of Red wine of the Varone region 2006.

Alayna's fine too. . ..

. And I'd like to warn you in advance of meeting me, I don't look quite as good as by photo, but I am smarter in person. so now you know a little about me, let me introduce the business side.

For the past 15 years, I've run a nationally recognized, boutique-style recruiting agency for the IT indsutry. Love the job, love my clients but until I launched Ask Alayna I struggled with the limited time I had available to give job seekers the one-on-one attention, kudos and tough love that you need and deserve.

The kind of focus I know will leapfrog your career progression and motivate you to manage your career The kind that will blast away some of that paralyzing fear and uncertainty so you can full-on concentrate on the task at hand. And that would be: Landing or creating the career you really, truly want. Not A job... THE job that all your friends are talking about. I hope that, as you spend time here, you'll realize clearly: I'm here for you along the job search path. And most importantly, your career success isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. Let me be your career genie . . ask alayna Enjoy.

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