Kamara Bature

Lagos, Nigeria

Studying Biochemistry at the University of Jos was the first detour I took from my path in life, partly because of the pressures to get an education. As a secondary/high school gaduate, I started my own pay phone business and earned about NGN120,000 (or about $900) in gross income within 6 months. I learned more about business by reading books and from my business mentor who used to be a bank manager. I also managed a branch of a media consultancy firm, Media Clan. Afterwards, I managed Nigeria's premier rock band ThreadStone from 2009-2013. Since I started my first business at the age of 17 I have been growing in the field of business development. I have developed a passion for helping start-ups grow in their nascent business environment. I look forward to being a successful business leader in the near future and I am looking to learn all I can to make a mark, a dent and eventually lead the needed transformational shifts in Africa.

I love to write and I read a lot. New ideas blow my mind and there's no such thing as too much music. So when I am not reading or writing a book, I will be discovering an artiste I have not listened to before.

I am looking to get an MBA within the next 2-4 years, meanwhile I am exploring business opportunities around my strongest skill- event management - by popular opinion if my linked in skill endorsements are anything to go by. One of this events is TEDxRayfield, a resolute effort at challenging the way we think, our approach to the most important issues in our environment and our resolve to be better citizens of the word.

You just met Kamara Bature.

  • Work
    • Artiste Manager, Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • BSc Biochemistry, Project Management