Anessa Burnside

Me: I am motivated by my family, my community and my success. I am motivated by seeing productivity and how effort can make a change. I am motivated by the people I am surrounded by: I want to be good to others, I want to be loving and I want to be relied upon for being me. I am motivated knowing that as a business owner, I have my future in my hands, I can make my company mine and truly reflect who I am and what I want. I am motivated by doing what is right. Anyone that knows me well has heard me say that “as long as I am half as loving, half as determined, half as strong and half as accepting as my grandmother was, I will be just fine.” I am motivated to hold my values high, keep my standards and reach them, and be happy, successful and appreciative in life.

I want to represent the success in my generation. I am a business owner and driven to be a successful entrepreneur. I am a caring person by nature, a confident business person by experience and education, and a very involved neighbor. In addition to operating, I serve on an HOA board as Board President and am actively involved in Tempe Sister Cities and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I understand the power of respect for others, and know that being optimistic and charismatic can make the difference in how you are perceived and valued. I cringe when I hear people say they won’t speak up, act, or pursue something because “it won’t make a difference”. It all makes a difference. I want to make a difference.