Thahawam Chaashab

Thanks for your visit, I'm Thahawam Chaashab and I hope to learn more about your story, your "why" and how I can be of service in your personal or business goals.

My background in business development, management, real estate investment and biblical studies. I am a visionary, host and Global Procurement Facillitator. I'm passionate about offering my natural gift of vision and my experiences to make the world a better place. I like to meeting new and interesting people to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge and unchartered thinking. In my opinion, everyone has a gift and a story to share. I am looking to capture excerps of conversation with people from a variety of backgrounds that have mastered their gifts and/or have interesting stories to share with the rest of the world. The content will be available on the AskChaashab media channels. It will be heard in both audio and video formats through the AskChaashab website, iPads, Tablets, mobile devices and televisions.

I also enjoy the creative process of birthing new business ideas. My current focus is the international marketing of the "AskChaashab" media, lifestyle and global procurement brand. The goal is to turn AskChaashab Inc into the world's best Global Procurement Agency. I currently procurement services for US and international clients in India as well as North, South and Central America.

Through Qadar Royal Enterprises LLC, the business development, managment, marketing and procurement firm, I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, faith-based organization and non-profit agencies to help them win. I enjoy implementing innovative systems and strategies in various industries to help companies use their resources efficiently, enhance operations and reduce wasterfulness. In particiular I hope to meet entrepreneurs, business owners, organization managers, retail store owners, humanitarians, internationalist, restaurant owners, bankers, global investors and other professionals.