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Being a Survivor of sexual abuse, and in my early adulthood, extreme physical abuse, more than one rape & then actually, unknowingly, marrying a sex offender; I turned to drugs and prostition to numb the pain and to try to regain power over my life. Eventually, after years of abuse, rape, fear, feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and addiction; I attempted to take my own life on 3 separate occasions. Through God, prayer, traditional therapy, dog therapy and alternative healing techniques; I am still here and now in a place where I know why God kept saving my life. His plan for me is to share my story and be an advocate for others in similar crisis. I have started the "#AskChance" campaign to help others who are in comparable situations. Myself and guest bloggers will be posting information, inspiring messages, fielding questions and providing contact information to help lines, trained professionals and law enforcement agencies who can assist you, or a loved one, to get out, get help and start healing at and on Twitter at The campaign is called, "#AskChance" because I encourage you to send tweets, private twitter messages or blog comments to include questions you have about these type of situations. We will do our best to answer each question through blog, email, tweets or twitter p.m.'s. You can also contact us if you are a survivor and would like to share your story to help others. Of course, whether asking a question or sharing your story, you can always choose to remain completely anonymous. Just send a private message or email and indicate you want to stay anonymous Again, the blog is at and is there to assist those in trouble in getting out, getting help and begin healing. You can also follow #AskChance2Day on Twitter at for inspiring words on escaping abuse, healing from trauma & putting your past behind you. Here's to seeing it through to the new, safe and healed you. I look forward to your comments on the blog and interaction on Twitter.

We are here to help those in need find the courage to seek help, leave an abusive situation and be safe. "#AskChance," and/or any of it's guests shall be held harmless for any person

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