Arjun Sathish Kumar

am so glad to write this about me. first of all am the last person to advertise self but anyways people should know who i am and how i will be. so its better to write this. Born to a computer professional father and a very famous dancer mother... till my 18 my life was fully immersed in those atmosphere. i shifted to Mangalore for my higher education in law.... now all the life has been changed (drastically) my passion is law now and my girlfriend is that justice lady... i had been working for many social organisations. i am so interested in reading. i am also interested in film making. i ve made some tele films and documentaries too... but am termed as an unsuccesful person because of the following reasons: 1) Poor English 2) Average in academics 3) No girlfriend 4) don't know how to be the real arjun at sometimes. but merits are as follows: 1) Charming 2) Vision 3) Loving 4) Seduced by future of India 5) well behaved now am doing my BA.,LLB From SDMLC, Mangalore. and working under DHU& Associates, Advocates, Mangalore. TO YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Am an Occasional Drinker and Smoker.