Dick Wagner

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Social Media Manager in Cape Coral, Florida

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As President of AskDickWagner.com, (a team of marketing, sales and social media specialists) we provide our experience and skills to all service businesses that wish to increase sales & profits - as well as have a profound Internet & Social Media representation. Social Media has dramatically changed our world - our culture - and the way we buy and sell. We teach you best practices to succeed in this new world. Specializing in two specific industries: Disaster Restoration, Mechanicals (HVAC/PE), and Roofing. By combining decades of traditional sales & marketing experience with technology and modern practices we have a unique position and outlook on the most effective and efficient ways for your business to increase productivity, increase sales volume, reduce cost and make yourself stand out from your competition. Our goal is to make you profitable, successful and highly visible to your prospects, clients and customers.

  • Work
    • AskDickWagner.com
  • Education
    • Fortis College, Jamestown Community College, Kent State University