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In the early 1990s information in the UAE was hard to come by and foreign nationals visiting, moving to, studying or doing business in the region were not able to make the most out of their time here due to a lack of relevant information.

The launch of the Dubai Explorer in 1996 changed all that. Our guides, maps, photography books and corporate solutions are have become unrivalled in the region.

The UAE is constantly growing and changing and we can only fit so much exhaustive information into our guide books, so whether you want to find a school, a hospital or the nearest bakery; you’re looking for the latest shops to open in your community; or you’re after reviews of the latest bars, clubs and restaurants, make your go to source to life in the UAE.

Providing an interactive platform with constant updates and highlights on living in and loving the UAE, offers everything you need to know to tackle the challenges of expat life, working in this region and exploring its wonders, as well as travelling further afield. Whether you’ve just stepped off the plane or have been living in the UAE for years, will help you make the most out of your life.

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