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Austin, Texas

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I love what I do. I am a Master Networker.

I network day and night.

Wake up and remember who YOU are.

Thoughts become things. It is never too late to change your future.

Yes, all things are possible. I believe in miracles.

Are you ready?

Let's talk soon, 512-650-7171.


PO Box 49323 Austin, TX 78765

I am David . The path I walk is not for everyone. I help as many as are ready and willing.

You are my family.

Are you awake and do you remember who you are? I enjoy reading your stories and about your life adventures here on Facebook.

Ask me why I do the things I do.

Come let's visit and tell our stories. My life is full of adventure and you are part of my life.

Thanks for all you do.

This is the message that I have for you. If you do for the next ten years what you have done for the past ten years, what will you have?

In ten years I will be 70 and then what?

Where will you be in ten years?

I would love to visit with you.

Call anytime, 512-650-7171.

I am here to encourage you.

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    • John H. Reagan High School (Austin, Texas)
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