Adam S. King

Work for what you want, be satisfied with what you have.

Past that, I make guitars. Not just any guitar, but a guitar specifically built for you. Custom built. The best part? It's affordable. You pick your design or let my beautiful fiance do it. Either way, you'll be ending up with a guitar that will blow your mind, the minds of your friends, and everyone else you choose to adopt a rock stance in front of.

So how about we get started?

If you want to talk prices and design possibilities, hit me up here:

The sky isn't the limit anymore. I'll put your dreams in space, and you'll love every minute of it. Prepare yourself for what you didn't know you couldn't live without.

Stay tuned here for updates and design postings. I'll be adding references and customer reviews (actual customer reviews, not with me changing my he to she) soon, as well as a bit of a portfolio of my past work.

Thanks for checking this out. I'm honored that you've read this far, really. Now how about you let me honor you with a guitar that will conveniently add that "11" to your music stylings.