Aisha Jackson

Washington, District of Columbia

Don't let the feminine gestures Make you believe I can't pimp tis lecture I'm what you call a mack professor With volumes and macklapedias To touch him and work her My first word, serve I want ice down your back, baby To correct your posture,Cause you're much to fly, now To walk around with your shoulders down (What you mean?) I want you to feel secure when I'm around (Aw) Now, that's macking Oh, don't sleep I gets down Mack packing This is how you tell See how well I taught her Ask about your four plays to dismiss being an imposter? I'm not hating Just enhancing your game Incense, candles, rose pedals in the bath water, man And one important thing A lioness Ain't meant to be tamed Now, baby, that's game I am Black Woman Queen of the Universe(god) Sexy Dreadlocks 38-26-39 and its still true... NOT INTERESTED IN A MAN WHOM CANNOT FACILITATE MY DREAMS I HAVE GIVEN SO MUCH SUPPORT TO BLACK MEN TIL I AM SOMEWHAT LEARY OF BEING INTIMATE WITH A BLACK MAN RIGHT NOW MY PLAN IS TO BE A WEALTHY IN LOVE, HEALTHY, RICH & HAPPY WOMAN BY 60 SO THAT MY GRANDCHILDREN WONT HAVE TO STRUGGLE I HAVE SUPPORTED THE IDEAS AND DREAMS OF EVERY BLACK MAN I HAVE KNOWN AND IT REALLY HAS NEVER BEEN RECIPROCATED, not fully, so....I DONT LIKE THAT MANY STILL LIVE IN FEAR I FEAR NOTHING BUT ALLAH! love men and women dating neither Celibate at the moment woman of faith I love Allah and my Ummi(mother)& my son, & brothers & the Woo-Woo I love art and creativity I despise friends who are not true and are users of others friends the ones whom are misers and never really contribute(hate it) I cannot stand weak assed women or bitchassness in men!!! women whom allow men to abuse and use them (hate it) I love getting up & working on fully living, I love everyone, Black people in particular..I am for POSITIVITY...I want 2 live 2 see all people in positive forward motion, Black people in particular.

  • Work
    • Positivity Productions
  • Education
    • Calvin Coolidge, Wash, DC
    • University of the District of Columbia