The smoke from the tobacco of a Cigar, the finish of a glass of Wine, Art of the Cocktail is just Art! The As an artist I have defined my creativity and love for the development of taste. Through my skills of Mixology, which is a craft that has been developed over time, my appreciation for the sense of smell and taste has enhanced the stimulation of my palate...I was a master supply chain manager and award-winning marketer and business consultant. Now through my diverse government, non-profit, and private sector experience, I have has been able to turn a hobby of premium and ultra premium spirits, as well as cigars, into a profession. With a vast knowledge in various spirits, I have not only developed a keen sense of taste, but my self-trained palate is just as impressive, as those who have made spirit tasting a masterful craft. Now as a Professional Mixologist, a Wine Specialist as well as a Cigar & Spirit Aficionado, I have decided to spread my love and knowledge for this avocation to those who are appreciative.