Martin, Felix and Ciara

The three of us are studying Event Management with Public Relations in GMIT. As part of our IT module we are required to work as a team in producing a blog.
We met up twice a week to brainstorm over the last month. Together we came up with the individual topics each of us would talk about. Our main goal is to talk about Social Media in the Hospitality Industry, this was then broken down into the three subtopics each of us would talk about.

Now a little bit about each of us:

Ciara Heaphy – I have huge interest in the hospitality Industry. I have worked in it for 5 years. In the future I want to work in a hotel in either food and beverage or the events side of hotels. This blogging topic was great for me as social media will have a lot to do with my future career whether I am advertising an event or a good dinner deal that is on. I have a little bit of experience so far with the social media, for example when it comes to helping the hotel spread the word about events e.g. sharing posts on Facebook.

Martin Cleary - I come from a retail background having worked in that sector for four years so I personally don't have an interest at present in the hospitality industry, however by doing this course I will have a greater understanding of what this sector entails. Everybody uses social media of some sort and I am none different, whether it's uploading pictures on Facebook or simply updating my status, I use it all the time.

Felix Brown - I am a student studying Event Management with Public Relations at GMIT, Galway. I have no background knowledge of this subject, and took part in writing for this blog as part of a group project for an Information Technology Essentials module.