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Shaneequa Burrell

Denver, Colorado

Hey Everyone, I am so glad you would love to learn more about me and how I love to help people. First and foremost I am Wife and Mother. Secondly, I am an Entrepreneur and Social Media Expert. Have you ever had that feeling that you were DESTINED to be GREAT but you just didn't know HOW it was going to happen?

Well, I did feel like that at one time until the answer to my question came in a Facebook message back in Feb 2010. And the message simply said "Do you keep your options open when it comes to generating income online?" and I said "HECK YEA!!!" That was the day I was introduced to the world of Internet and Network Marketing, and that is the day that changed my life FOREVER! Now, I KNOW you are wondering what I do and I am going to tell you *SMILE*!

Simply put I teach people how to get Rejection Free Leads for whatever business they are in! Click Here to Get My Free eBook. I am all about Networking and building long lasting business relationships so I encourage you to REALLY connect with fact here is my number so you KNOW I mean business (720) 432-6460.

I hope to hear from you soon until then Be Blessed!

Truly Ya Girl,



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  • Work
    • Internet Traffic Coach
  • Education
    • Associates of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelors in Accounting