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Please feel free to write me as i will from time to time as i figure this out . What i say on here sometimes may not like but it will always be from the heart an as honest as possible with poking fun at myself and if i can do me then everyone else is fair game.

This is dedicated to my Best Friend I have ever had I never got to say goodbye. From our first hello, I didn't know it would be a hello that would last forever, A life time what we called Forever. Our time was cut short & took us far apart. Yet we always found ways to get back and say hello. Till the day came that I didn't get to say "Hello." This day I will never forget, I didn't get to say hello or Goodbye. I miss you more and more as the days goes on. On that day that you went home I didn't get to say hello but it broke my heart not getting to say goodbye to you or to see or hear your voice. I hope you know and I pray that you can hear me each night when I say hi as I lay here crying you can tell just how much you are loved and missed. I refuse to say good bye, All my heat and soul will allow me to tell you is hello and to say to you Good Night

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