aslam shems

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there" Rumi

We are all looking for somethng that we don't have. I often think that having is such a funny concept - you really never have anything but the state of mind. A thought, that says I am real and I am important. Though it will disappear like every living thing does. Fleeting moments, which could be eternal, if they so think.

So anything that I might write in this box will be just a thought that i might be tranmitting into another mind. A kind of a introspective virus that multiples wherever it touches another pair of eyes swallowing it..

Am I sounding a bit too ethereal ?? Yes, you are right !! Sometime I too think that brain should not be used much otherwise it tends to produce ideas that are a bit ahead of their time. That's why I usually conduct my "conversations on the canvas" within the confines of my studio at SAIF Zone Sharjah, and produce paintings that talk in the language that the soul can understand.

Do you wan to join the conversation with them ? Try logging into my site ( if its still not underconstruction ) and see if you can find a soulmate :-))