Mohammed Aslam Hyder Quraishi

Assalamualaikum dudes

I am an Electronic and Communication Engineer by profession from which i am trying to escape and to do something interesting. Haha.

I am a Media editor at from which i am not trying to escape. Haha...

I am a Sports enthusiastic so don't mess with me in in this field. Haha just kidding you can ....and get thrashed....Haha

Above all I am an all day dreamer. A big one. Can spend 24/7 just dreaming.Hehehe

Used to be a big time foodie but not anymore.

On a serious note my aim is to satisfy the All Mighty. It is a universal aim of a human being. Is it yours???

Other things interesting are blogging, a little tech freak.

  • Work
    • Engineer, Blogger, Video Photo Pdf Editor @Fiverr
  • Education
    • Bach.of.Engineering(Elec. and Comm.)