Asmaa Khan

Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

- I aim to help in developing innovative, entrepreneurial ideas while creating young men and women who are qualified to enter the Saudi business world.

- I look & work forward facilitates Saudi Arabia's transition to a knowledge-based economy by aiding cooperation among entrepreneurs, private sector, research institutes, investors, and the government.

- My passion is connecting people & businesses. While I’m not doing my full-time job, I enjoy meeting with people who has initiatives to help them in planning & connecting them with the right people & businesses.

- My high communication, sales, planning, and negotiation skills are my key strength.

- Headhunting is a thing that I enjoy doing by nature.

- By participating in different exchange programs & travelling a lot, I'm exposed to different cultures & good at building relationships on different levels with people I meet from different backgrounds.