Asmaa Eltnoby

Alexandria, Egypt

HELLO!!,,,,....[[WẽĺςÖMĘ ŢǾ Mã PЯǿfĬLè ツ ^^]] My Name / Asmaa Father's Name / Anwer elee gab aboya /Mohmed elee gab Gede / Mohmed elee gab Abo Gede / Eltnoby :D My Best Friends Are; My PrinCesS [{ADORE HER}] My Lovely Girl Bbte _I Love ALL my Friends SpeCially True Ones [; SO; - Gotta Problem...Solve it ! - Think Im Trippin...Tie My Shoe ! - Cant Stand Me...Sit Down ! - Cant Face Me...Turn The Fuck Around ! - Love me or hate me...Either way u r thinkin me ! - Don't know me?.. So don't judge me ! - Smile solve many problems and Silence avoid many problems.. so,.. SMILE =D - If u don' t have a smile, i´ll give u one smile ;] - the person who said "LOVE IS THE MOST COMPLICATED THING IN THE WORLD" probably didn't study physics =D - I may not be the most perfect human alive on earth, but at least I always try my best for myself and others to make my and their lives better most times (: {; Bye. ♥ ♥ ツ

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • El-Fawatm Expeimental Language school 4 Girls
    • N.L.S
    • Graphic Design