Asmah Bibi

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

If you want a better life you have to dream bigger than you've ever dreamt before, believe in yourself and take action. That's what I have learnt and that's what I've been doing and my life has been changing ever since.

Over the last eight years the change in mindset, attitude and self belief has lead to accomplishments and the realisation of talents that I never knew I had. It has given me more clarity and a bigger sense of living a life that matters.

The thing that changed it for me was to believe I was put on this earth for a purpose. I can't emphasise this enough. However, what I realised was that the changes only happen when you're willing to strive for them.

You too could have the same you just have to believe that you're also here for a purpose! Are you looking for direction and are you ready to discover a greater you? Are you ready to tap into your true potential?

Then let's get started and let me hold your hand and take you on a fantastic journey to create and influence the positive changes you have been dreaming of. Your life changing journey is about to get better. Get in touch and let me help you.

  • Work
    • Staff Nurse HEFT NHS Trust
  • Education
    • University of Central England