Asma Ishaq

Anaheim, CA

Throughout her career, Asma Ishaq has dedicated herself to serving the community. As President and co-founder of nutraceutical development and sales company Jusuru International, she spearheads the scientific innovations that enhance the health of numerous customers. In addition, Asma Ishaq has played a pivotal role in creating the leadership system that provides Jusuru International representatives with the opportunity to run their own businesses.

Under Ms. Ishaq's direction, Jusuru International operates on a team model. A potential business leader joins the company at its most basic level and immediately begins to rise in status by recruiting team members. The company offers compensation based on an Enterprise Leader's rank, thus providing incentive for the representative to build and encourage his or her team. In addition, Jusuru offers a variety of rewards and benefits that center on enhancing Leaders' quality of life. The company's Car Bonus, for example, offers representatives up to $1,000 per month towards a luxury car, while its Dream Pool provides funding for Leaders to realize life dreams such as home ownership or philanthropy.

In fact, philanthropy makes up a significant portion of Jusuru's model. President Asma Ishaq leverages a background that includes executive leadership of a major Founding B Corporation known as Give Something Back (GSB). As Vice President of Business Development for GSB, Asma Ishaq proudly promoted the B Corporation structure of donating a portion of company profits to community causes. Upon assuming leadership of Jusuru, Asma Ishaq included a similar clause in its charter. A year later, in 2010, Jusuru rallied its newly built resources to donate 36,000 bottles of purified water to victims of the Haitian earthquake. Since then, Jusuru has continued to support international and local charities.

In addition to her philanthropic service, Asma Ishaq applies considerable experience in marketing and product development. Before co-founding Jusuru, she served as Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology, the developer of Jusuru's flagship ingredient, BioCell Collagen. Also skilled in asset management, Asma Ishaq holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Rice University and has pursued advanced studies at Princeton University.

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    • Jusuru International
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    • Rice University