Just me

You might be wondering what I'm about.

Well, I'm happiest when I'm writing. And here on I'll be writing to release my ture stories in the hope that they will help my readers learn how to survive life & live to tell about it.

You can stop reading now if you want. Really, you can. But in case you are curious:

Things you'd rather not know about me bit I'm going to tell you anyway

1 Languages I can speak.

Urdu , English , Arabic & a little bit of Spanish too.

2. I love Pasta.

Anything tossed in Pasta & Mozzarella Cheese is simply Delicious ! Red Sauce or Yummylicious White Sauce . Italian cuisine in general is just Yumm .

3.Almost going to be an Accredited Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA).

Will be done with ACCA by December hopefully ! I love Accounts & Economics. If not an Accounts I would definitely take up Economics Macro & Quantitative Analysis, to be an Economist ! Besides these academic careers I would have loved to try out modelling, acting, dancing of all sorts ! Have my own restaurant or an amazing cake shop !

4. I'm a reader, I enjoy reading Books !

The most recent I read was " And the Mountains Echoed " by Khalid Hosseini. A heart breakingly, beautifully written book about siblings, their extra-ordinary bond based on love & trust !

And so to end it for now...

I enjoy playing & watching football, i love dancing & sleeping endlessly though I'm not a deep sleeper & at times manage to sleep for 4hours Max ! Currently hooked up with watching Suits ! I enjoy Biographies & Documentaries. Shopping is the ultimum thing always in the " To Do List ". I'm simply just a Hyper Active being !

& I'm orginally from Houston, Texas.