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Taking weight loss supplement in a scientific way will certainly help you get better results!

☆ Take less or no food that contains high starch and sugar

☆ Drink plenty of water during the day (usually not less than 2L, about 8 cups). This is because water is extremely important for fat metabolism. Each molecule of fat is burned, 7 molecules of water will be consumed at the same time. And after 18:00 o'clock, it's better for you to drink less or no water, soda, soup, etc.

☆ Combine this product with aerobic exercises, at least 30 minutes every day.

☆ Take Meizitang at least half an hour before breakfast (with or without food). And don't take it before sleep, otherwise you'll be too energetic to fall asleep.

☆ Be happy every day. This will enhance the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism, which is quite helpful for weight loss.