Andres Solis

Social Media Manager, Risk Management QA, and works remote in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

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Occupation: Fraud prevention quality assurance rep for leading online freelancer platform, with a master's on gamification and transmedia narrative by, along with vast experience in customer service and data analysis, and clear understanding of the complicated structure a company may entail in attempts to innovate their operations.

Objectives: As an intrapreneur, once familiar with a company's MO and KPIs, I seek to suggest ideas in order to identify an engagement impact that would increase ROI, this being financial or interpreted as user engagement within and outside the enterprise. It takes an analysis of the user's target personas and their profiles to identify their unique core motivation drivers. Creating the right blend of motivational dynamics and game mechanics would come next.

Opportunities: Costa Rica represents a fertile market for gamified design in almost every-day activities, yet very few people know enough about it to realize its huge potential when implemented correctly. Just as anywhere else though, poorly applied "pointsification" has made it a tough challenge. Looking for an alliance interested in Central American expansion.

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