Andres Solis

San Jose, Costa Rica

Occupation: Master's degree on Gamification and Transmedia Narrative specialized in the field of data analysis and digital content management.

Statement: Gamification works because it connects the activity to be done with people's ego. The growing use of gamified design is part of a global awakening led by Millennials that is shifting human ego's motivation from extrinsic to intrinsic things.

Business Objectives:

Meet with clients to identify an engagement impact that increases ROI.

Analyze their user profiles and identify their unique core motivation drivers.

Create the right blend between motivational dynamics and game mechanics.

Find a suitable gamified solution and obtain the desired change in user behavior.

Business Grounds: Costa Rica presents a very fertile market for the use of gamification design in every-day activities; only few people know enough about the concept to even realize its potential for huge returns upon correct implementation. Just as anywhere else though, it needs to be done right. As opposed to jumping in the hype wagon, I first obtained a Master’s degree to become a subject matter expert and aim at getting involved with the only 20% of gamified solutions that Gartner predicted successful in its industry.

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