Abdullah Alsomali

My name is Abdullah AL Somali, and I will let you know about myself and family,hobbies and my study. First, let me tell you about my personal life. I was born and grow up in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with my lovely fife brothers and sisters. Second, my study has changed recently. I finished the high school in 2014. I have been I Toronto for 10 months. Currently, I’m studying the English program at Seneca College. Additionally, I love computer so I’m going to study an Informatics and Security at Seneca College which is the place that I will continue my study in. Third, I have some several hobbies. Reading books at Starbucks on weekend morning. Work out at the gym after school. Recently I started to watch an English movies and TV shows and I really like it. In a word, these are some interesting fact about myself.