wendy darling


hai everyone! nice to meet you guysss~ whoi i am? who am i? who who? okay i will introduce my self. ANNYEONG ASOOYA HERE! fakeasooy imnida. i'm choi sooyoung Girls' Generation.SNSD's shikshin. i'm just failed roleplayer but you can fantalk with me guys!!. don't worry! let's be friend with me!@#$%^&*()_+{}:"<>?

about me?okay i will tell you.

i'm just fan of choi sooyoung Girl Generation. created fakeasooy since 21 october 2012. in that account i have story.

yeah,i'm wendy darling and i fallin in love with my peter pan. he is exorubies. he is an idiot!! i love him everytime everyday everywhere everymonths everyyears. My Following/ers is my best friend ever<3 in my favorites is my sweat memory with people i love<3 in my lists? they are my FAMILY!!<3 HYsiblings-Deli9ht<3.

i'm just bad girl without them. i love them very much. yayaya!! one thing, i know this is just fake world, but you must know, i always wear a real feeling with them. i can hurt when a person make me cry or other. so don't hurt me guys!! esp you AFTER C! i can't live without you rubizzZzzZZZz. okay,i think time it's over/? haha no no. Lets be friend with me!:-) see you guys. thanks for read my biography<3XOXO! bye.

T H E E N D.