Agustín Soriano


I'll save your time using the boring sentence that summarizes me: brand strategy director with +10 years of experience. Now, if you are more interested you can continue.

My experience has been built working at top-level agencies in places like Madrid and Chicago before starting my own company in Valencia where I invested 5 marvellous years working for national and international clients in a constant suicide mode.

My profile as a planner corresponds with a straight-forward motherfucker that is always in the middle of everything trying to inspire creatives in order to get the most relevant and interesting work.

When I'm not in the office I am a cinema addict, a music-lover, a shower singer and a drool dad with a failure degree on Kitesurf and DJ-ing to complete this mess. When I was young I used to play basketball. I was not bad at all, but this is another story.

Specialties: concept developer, creative strategist, problem solver, culture specialist, communication passionate, dots connector, human truth archeologist, technology and media heavy user.

I also share my ideas about brands and planning at:

  • Work
    • Strategy Director at JWT Amsterdam