Albu Sorin

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

Who loves technology? Me, yes...

Do you remember when you first make contact with your first computer? If you are one of those, then we are in the same category.

So who am I?

I was born in beautiful town Cluj-Napoca, some years ago... I finished high school at Onisifor Ghibu, and then take Computer Science at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Currently I'm married and have two awesome kids, they are small now but great :)

I'm working in IT industry, as a senior developer, designing software, making software for the company that I work and also for myself as an independent developer. I like this kind of stuff because we are at that point where the technology is in our life everywhere. Can you go on vacation without the GPS, or without your smartphone? I think not...we don't go even to the toilet without our smartphones,.. so, yes :), I think we are pretty connected with technology.

  • Work
    • Arobs
  • Education
    • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
    • highscool at Onisifor Ghibu