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Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital


Located in Colorado, Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital specializes in treating small animals that have chronic illnesses, whether immunological or neurological in nature. To do so, veterinarians Dr. J. Watson and Dr. H. C. “Doc” Gurney employ a range of traditional and alternative methodologies. They remain adept at performing laser surgeries and ultrasounds. Wellness examinations are encouraged. Alternative medicine treatments at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital include acupuncture and class IV infrared and low level laser therapy. In all, the veterinarians uphold a commitment to working with animals’ owners to identify any treatment options that have not produced the desired results and explore different options to yield improvement in the patient.

As a result of this commitment, the facility has enjoyed a good deal of recognition not only among clients, but also among awarding groups. In 2012, the clinic took top honors in the Mountain Connection Best of Contest in the category of Pets and Wildlife. Those interested in learning more about this recent award, or browsing descriptions of the services available, can visit the practice’s official website at