Jim Geldart

I have had a long history in sales, marketing, and some entrepreneurial enterprises, but currently am working for Editions Gallery. It is one of the most successful galleries of its kind in Canada. The photo however is the smallest of 3 galleries that are in Alberta. Our head office gallery in West Edmonton Mall, where we have complete access to all inventory, is 4 times the size our Red Deer store is. Our artists are from accoss Canada and around the world. Although we sell some original art, most of what we sell are numbered and signed high quality reproductions that often sell out and go up in value too. Website: www.editionsgallery.com

I still have interests in my Green Ideas Exchanging Association though. Its continued mission is to aid Canadian environmental technology to be utilised through pure sales or Joint Venture opportunities in China who has many problems in this arena that its Government is now playing catch up with.

l also sing often and have made a new CD with the Gospel song He Touched Me once sung by Elvis Presley and many others. It is on my Reverbnation site with some others I have recorded.