Jeffrey Deutsch

Washington, Dc Metropolitan Area

Dr. Jeffrey Deutsch, having first heard about Asperger Syndrome (AS) -- and the possibility of his having it -- in his mid-thirties, has gone through decades of Home-based Experiential Lifelong Learning (HELL). Now, he uses inspirational speaking, consulting, training and coaching via his practice, A SPLINT (ASPies LInking with NTs), to help people on the autism spectrum better relate to neurotypicals (or NTs for short; people who are not on the spectrum)...and vice versa.

Dr. Deutsch sits on the Advisory Board of the Madison House Autism Foundation and also actively works with Toastmasters International and the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network. He is happily married to Emily (an NT), and they raise their toddler daughter, K.D. (Kid Deutsch).

His book, _Turning the Broadband On_, is Aspies' atlas to the neurotypical world. Get your copy now through BookLocker!