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Asyfiyah Mahamidah | 13 | Aspong, or call me whatever you want | Random O type girl with crazy mood swings | Weird | Daydreamer | Fangirl | ♥ Music - Ice Cream - Rainbow - Bubbles - Lollipop - Jelly | Loves to write but always hard to find the beginning | An Introvert, but when you know me, i can't stop talking | Treat people awkwardly at the fisrt meet | Easy to Tears | A non-serious guitar learner | Always want to be good in Music | Love to sing but haven't good voice enough | Hate sport but love watching people do it | Fast Walker | Hate too much crowd | Far sighted | Absorbed w/ something dramatic | Tomato Eater | Achluophobia | Get tempered easily and cooled it down easily too | Wanna know everything | Always try to be fun but not fun at all | Snakephobia | Bathophobia | Don't try debating me, there'll no end until i give up on it | One of a lazy girl | I love staring on people's eyes | Have childish behaviour -sometimes- | Enjoy DIY |