Aspromonte Marketing

Business Consulting in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Welcome to Aspromonte Marketing, a dynamic consulting firm redefining the sales game in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Contracted by large businesses and Fortune 100 clients alike, Aspromonte Marketing's expertise is in becoming the handshake and smile behind some of today's largest brands. Whether our client be in the renewable energy, telecom, wireless or cable/satellite industry, our sales proficiency makes our services unparalleled in the Jersey area.

If you're visiting our About.Me, it's because (1) you're thinking about utilizing our marketing consulting services (the choice is a no-brainer really!) or (2) you're considering joining our award-winning team! So we thought, "It would be criminal to keep all the fun to ourselves, right? We should give people an insight at what it means to work with Aspromonte Marketing in Cherry Hill!" And so we welcome you to our FUN, competitive, philanthropic and entrepreneurial rooted company!

Meet Nick Aspromonte, creator and CEO of Aspromonte Marketing. Yankee fan, collegiate athlete and one of the most honest and transparent guys you'll ever met. With a mission to build a small business based upon values of integrity, accountability and positive reinforcement, Nick founded Aspromonte Marketing in August of 2013 and most recently expanded to another branch office in Maryland.

With an office composed of 30 of the most unique, vibrant and ambitious professionals, we give meaning to the phrase, "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life!" A healthy mix of former athletes, teachers and restaurant mangers means that our team's wealth of knowledge and soft skills are unparalleled. We believe in giving back the gift of communication that we have been given, and engage in quarterly philanthropy fundraisers for organizations such as Operation Smile, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer Awareness.

A fun fact about our office is that we are ridiculously good card players, often spending nights after work around a poker table getting to know our coworkers! We believe that people perform better when they feel valued and appreciated, so gift cards, smart TV's, Philly's tickets and high fives are never in short supply!

All in all, with our winning attitudes and the talent of our team, Aspromonte Marketing has just hit it's stride! With expansion plans for our client set for another market in 2017 and an additional 3 next year, you WANT to be on-board this success express!