Consultant, Director, and Volunteer in Madurai, India

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A the primary body for fuel conservation research under the control of the Magnovo Technology’s Research and Development Pvt , and one of the leading energy development and conservation research organizations in India . It was established in its modern form in 1998 as a result of coordinated efforts initiated earlier. Taking into consideration its budget, it is among the most efficient energy development and conservation research organizations on india. Over the years,

Magnovo has conducted a variety of operations for both Indian and foreign clients. Magnovo products launch capability is mostly provided by indigenous Fuel+, Gas+ and Aquagas projects . In 1999, magnovo successfully developed for fuel saver and emission control its products with IMI technology probe, Fuel+ ,Gas+, while future plans include indigenous development of Aquagas , manned energy conservation missions,

Magnovo has several field installations as assets, and cooperates with the international community as a part of several bilateral and multilateral agreements .