Taylor Carnitas

This blog is written and curated by a small group of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, living in Texas, and we think we're probably Progressive Christians. ...Buddhism's fine, too. We've done the "church lady"-thing for years and years (with sincerity) but have not been there for a while now. We're ALL still in Sunday School every Sunday morning. Our blogs are all about engaging life in as mentally-healthy-a-way as possible and trying to make this phase of life spectacular ...or at least fulfilling.

We want to exist in this glorious world with ethics and integrity (Blog: How to Save the World).

We want to age well (Blog: This Aging Thing).

We're part of a writing group (Blog: Writing Women ...this blog is open only to our writing group members).

Some of us keep individual, private blogs that we'll list here whenever we choose to go public.