jinx 🐀

hey there, i'm jinx.

i am 13 years old, pansexual, go by she/they pronouns, and am diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, i am currently seeking help for depression.

i am very heavily affected by my ADD so if I ever seem very annoying, distracted, lazy, angry, overly excited, or I can't grasp a concept (even if it's very simple), it's probably because of my ADD.

I am strong synpath with marceline (adventure time), asriel (undertale), and bee (bee and puppy cat). my main being marcy. so if u want, please tag me as marciline, asriel, or bee :-)))

don't follow me if you are homophobic (that goes for any lgbt+), transphobic, ableist, misogynistic or racist.

so talk to me I guess. my other active account is @dewflick