Justin Perret

Justin Perret

"A life lacking fun is not a life i'd want to be living" -Me

Hello Everyone reading this About.me,

In case You missed the Giant Purple headline, Je suis de Justin Perret.. pordon my french. I hail from the Great State of New Jersey, USA.

I consider myself an artist, poet, and writer. I love music but im not instamentally inclined but I like to sing a tad bit. I love being spontaneous and fun. I am very humble about the things im better than average at, I am not a douchebag who thinks my shit doesn't stink. I know alot of those people and i strive to be a sepratist from that whole scene.

I love all aspects of humor, shock factor, sarcasim, Impressions, and the whole shabang.. I'm also in the process of writing stand up comedy skits that will make me famous one day so i can be a total sell-out like Dane Cook. Just kidding. My Favorite Comics include Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Pablo Francisco, Robin Williams, Greg Giraldo, Stephen Lynch and the Great George Carlin.

Id like to travel and see the world someday and live by the phrase "I gotta try everything atleast once". I am an adventurous soul and a sagitarius. I think it will help me in one day when i am a retiree and want to write a book about my life. I think it will be a best-seller.. High Hopes give you more inspirations than no hope at all, I always say.

I am also an Ocean County NJ Board of Health Certified Tattoo Artist. He studied under Tattoo Artists Tattoo Tommy, Doug and Turtle at Jersey Tattoos in New Jersey, USA. I love Tattooing and getting my own tattoos.

As far as the ladies go.. I am a hopeless romantic, that has flirted with the fine line of womanizer at one point, but it's really not my bag.. I am currently interested in this beautiful young woman in which i have a lot in common with and im sure she knows who she is. :) Shes couch-surfing her way to be the girl of my dreams.. haha

I hope you find this interesting.

find me on facebook or email me any questions, unless you know me personally the call or txt me!