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Criminals often do what they do because of their desire for material gain. The government has the ability to take possession of property it believes to have been obtained illegally. This is known as asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture is an extremely powerful law enforcement tool. Not only does it reduce the incentive for a criminal to act illegally, it can later be used to financially support law enforcement programs that need additional funding. In essence, seizing illegally obtained material goods takes the profit out of many forms of criminal activity. Asset forfeiture makes it impossible for criminals to actively profit from their crimes. Investigators use asset forfeiture to undermine the economic foundation of criminal activity. Businesses that are operated illegally are similar to honest businesses. They have all of the same components and function in much the same manner. Their employees must be productive and their equipment must function efficiently. Each one also needs adequate cash flow to maintain operations. Each one also benefits from the sale or either services or product lines. The only real difference is that in a legitimate business, money is made legally. In a criminal enterprise, the money taken in as profits are the result of some type of illegal activity. With asset forfeiture, an investigation can deprive the company of all of the material things it needs to remain in operation: cash, equipment, tools, inventory, etc.