Alexandra Sokolova

Hello my name is Alexandra Sokolova for passport and Sasha for life. How Alexandra connected to Sasha? Very easy, on russian language my name spells as Aleksandra and Sasha comes from "SAndra" part: Sa+sha( traditional diminutive). I was born September 11, 1993 in Mongolia. Graduate from Gumanitarian Gymnasium 209 in Saint-Petersburg in 2010.

In 2010 moved to Ottawa, Canada. In 2011 graduated from General Arts and Science: Media and Communication programm in Algonquin College.

Currently, I'm the owner of Chocolaterie on Rue Choc123, Ottawa, Canada. The idea of having a chocolate store came up suddenly after a trip to Switzerland, the world's most chocolate consuming country. I had an inspirational idea of mixing perfect quality, diversity and tradition. During my travels I've collected over 500 unique recipes from different countries, with sometimes unexpected ingredients such as red pepper or mints. Making chocolate myself became my hobby, my job, my life. And I must say, it is pretty pleasurable job.If you are interested in more information please visit my chocolate store website: