Andrew T. Wainright

Andrew T. Wainright is founder and CEO of AiR (Addiction In Recovery), a U.S.-based crisis and intervention consultancy dedicated to helping people overcome a variety of addictions so that they can live productive and fulfilling lives.

Wrainright has worked to expand the industry-leading Johnson Model of Intervention to address even more areas of the spectrum encompassing behavioral health – drawing in part on his experience being trained under Dr. James Fearing, the direct successor of Dr. Vernon Johnson.

With the updated model, Wainright has worked to train clinicians in the expanded model of intervention, now known as the AiR Model of Behavioral Crisis Management.

Wainright is also an author, having written It’s not Okay to be a Cannibal – How to Stop Addiction from Eating Your Family, in addition to appearing on the show American Morning from CNN.