asslord fuckface

my name is kai, but i dont really like my name so give me nicknames or just call me profanities (legit that makes me laugh do it). i draw and play guitar, if you have somethin you want me to do message me and i'll do it if its interesting

im into yowapeda hardcore. other shit i like is mushishi and haikyuu but i dont really follow that a lot cause mushishi's fandom is dead and haikyuu fandom is lowkey annoying. i really like osomatsu san too, and i LOVE pokemon

i dont really have triggers but there are some things that bother me a lot and make me sick, and that is pictures/descriptions of meat and animal death or injury

i'm agender but i lean towards a more masculine presentation. i prefer they/them pronouns but he/him is a-ok. im pansexual and im not rly sure about romantic orientation but i'll just say panrom for simplicity's sake

english is my first and best language mais je peux parle un peu de français aussi

some characters i ID with (in order from most to least)

-arakita yasutomo (ywpd)

-ichimatsu (ososan)

-kuroo testurou (haikyuu)

-osomatsu (ososan)

-midousuji akira and fukutomi juichi (ywpd)

-tanaka ryuunosuke (haikyuu)

characters who i FUCKIN LOVE:

-izumida touichirou, fukutomi juichi, kinjou shingo, doubashi masakiyo, midousuji akira (ywpd). i might have a thing for muscles

-ginko (mushishi). i love this man more than life. he means so fucking much to me

-choromatsu, jyuushimatsu (ososan). i love my shy baby and loud baby

-spock (star trek)

things u should talk to me about/tag me in:

-headcanons for ywpd. just do it i have so fuckign many oh god i'll talk to your for hours about my bike children

-bikes, specifically aesthetically attractive bikes. i love bikes fuCK

-art and music in general. i really like dark themed art and young the giant


i'm not really great at showing affection ?? at least i dont think so. im not great at taking compliments either but i'm grateful i promise

im not gonna ramble about my mental problems but sometimes i get really angry and violent for no reason, or really drained and upset for no reason. i react by cutting myself off from people so i wont talk for a while. i try to keep from venting on social media. if the stuff im saying is bothering you just let me know