Assumpta Happy Umwagarwa


I was born creative, independent and rebellious till the day I was re-shaped to think inside a box. I was taught that 1+1=2 and that it can never be 3 or 11. I was taught to wait for other people to make decisions about my life. One day, I waited for my parents to tell me the school options that I was allowed to choose and few years after I found myself with no option of doing a U-turn. That's how I ended up pursuing a Business Administration Programme.

But one day, for the first time in my life; I was given an opportunity to choose, and I made a choice to specialize in human resources management. I did not know exactly what it meant. I just felt that it was going to be challenging? How can one claim to be able to manage human resources? Do we mean people? These are the most complex creatures to understand. Anyway; I was going to find out how. I enjoyed studying their psychology; I enjoyed studying how I can tap into their talents; I enjoyed studying how I can develop their skills; I enjoyed studying how I can motivate and retain them. The most interesting part of my story is that up to today; I am still learning a lot about people.

After 10 years as a Human Resources Professional for different private and public sector organizations; I am still pursuing my quest to learn more about people. In 2010, I did research on the criterion validity of psychometric tests used in selection and development of human resources. I learnt that performance is a function of abilities; personality and motivation.

In 2011, I did research on creativity killers in East Africa. I am soon publishing my first book on Creativity and Success. I will be happy to keep in touch with you to share any insights related to: Human Resources Management; psychology in general; and creativity and career success.

Do never hesitate to link up with me if you share my interests. I love to link up with those young people that are trying to get out of the thinking box to follow their passion and turn their creativity potential into success.

  • Work
    • Human Resources Professional
  • Education
    • University of Greenwich
    • MA in Management