Assuranty Nationwide

London, England, United Kingdom

Premium brands of household and kitchen appliances are supposed to be built more durably than others, but being manmade machines, they can and will break down eventually. We may feel secure with the product warranties that manufacturers use to entice buyers , but more often, those declarations only look great on paper. To help appliance owners make the most of their appliance purchases, Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd was founded in October 2010. Assuranty focuses on helping appliance owners enjoy comprehensive appliance insurance coverage. This will free appliance buyers from the stress of literally begging appliance manufacturers to honor their product guarantees and limited warranties. At Assuranty Nationwide, clients get timely solutions to appliance breakdowns due to electrical and mechanical factors.

Customers can contact the exclusive toll-free Assuranty Nationwide number to facilitate requests for repairs and appliance check-up. With attractive rates starting from £65 per year for a single unit or appliance, to the popular multi-appliance coverage starting at just £135 for four different appliances, Assuranty Nationwide helps home appliance owners feel good about having their units. Assuranty has always placed a premium on customer trust. The company does this by offering extra affordable coverage rates that are made for the modern era. Imagine, getting comprehensive appliance insurance cover for four different appliances at only less than £34 per appliance, per year, or over a 50% discount! Smashing!

Assuranty Nationwide puts no restriction on the age of the appliance to be covered, which is definitely good news for owners of vintage, antique or limited edition appliance models. Furthermore, Assuranty also places no limit to the number of claims that policy holders can make within the period of coverage. Most importantly, Assurance Nationwide, Ltd has made technical assistance just a phone call away. Only expert technicians and nanotechnology engineers are dispatched to carry out repairs, ensuring genuine quality service.